A Good Memory!

If anyone on the planet needs to possess one of these, it is I! Why? Because my life is about a sandwich. Because I use a flash drive device every day of my life. Because it would fit perfectly in my Christmas stocking. Because my middle name is Sandwich (well not really, but it could be). Because it's quality camp, and because I said so.
Works with: Windows Vista, XP & Windows 2000 w/max speed of 480Mbps
Weight: 30g
Dimension: 56.5×31x20mm
Name: Sandwich USB Memory
Price: $50.00
Location: GeekStuff4U

Made by the brilliant folks at Anmac, they had me in mind when they designed it. I know they did. See www.geekstuff4u for purchase information and other cool gadgets. Write to me at sandwich365@gmail.com for information about how to get it to me. Thank you, Friends.


  1. If they make one for MAC I am SOLD!

  2. That is rather cool! (Hope you enjoy your cupcakes! And the sandwich we made specially for you :) !)

  3. They Do Indeed make one for a Mac my Friend. Run and get you one today. >>>>>

  4. No way...you do need that!

  5. lol That is awesome! I love Sandwiches! MMM! Your blog makes me Hungry. Good for you, bad for my diet lol

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


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