Permissive Food Policies Run Amuck!

And so Friends....

We ask of you today, WHO among you has the COURAGE, the MORAL FORTITUDE, in a gesture to your colleagues, to step up and say..... "YES THAT IS MY SANDWICH!!!" Hmmm? You Jerry? How about you Martha, do you have what it takes?

@ Yahoo! Video



  1. Ahhhh American Tax Dollars well spent!

  2. Ya know, I have studied this tape closely. Check the second half of it. The beginning of the second half. Isn't he....isn't he....chewing something? Listen to him pronounce some of the words, watch a few selected lip movements....by golly, he IS eating....well, deftly masticating anyways....On what? Do you think....possibly.....he might have a SANDWICH tucked behind his back or hidden in a jacket pocket? Nawwwww

    How are you my friend ? So nice to hear from you in my comment section. And YOUR blog entries are THE BEST!!! I have been buried with so much that blogging and twitting have suffered, big time. But I'm back and when I go again ( cause I will....).....I'll always be back!!
    Big hug

  3. Ha ha, what a waste of a perfectly good sandwich!


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