Sandwich, A Tango!

Hello mes amis....

As you know, I love to reflect upon the sandwich, what it is, what it does, how it is made and indeed enjoyed. It has occurred to me on more than one occasion that sandwiches are like people. Varied in sizes, shapes, colors and substance. Some tacky, others refined, some steeped in tradition, some out of the ordinary, extraordinary, even avant-garde. Heaven-sent on the mean streets where life is greasy and hard, stacked high and mighty in rarefied neighborhoods where life is rich and filled with entitlement.

I am in love with the concept that a benign and ordinary thing such a sandwich, is a metaphor for life, at least in my world this is true, as noted in previous posts on the subject. As a noun, a sandwich is just that. As a verb, to sandwich means to fit something into a tight space.

I was most intrigued to learn that Sandwich describes an Argentine Tango move, where the leader traps one of the follower's feet between his two feet. Often his feet will be left and right of the follower's foot as two slices of bread. The follower's foot would be the filling of the sandwich. Although, the leader can cross his feet to trap the follower with the left foot on the right and right foot on the left.

The move is called "El Sanguichito", and if you log on to YouTube.com, use the search bar, type the words tango sandwich and watch Dario's Tango Guide Lesson #6, The Sandwich. Exquisite, don't you think? Sam


  1. Mmmmmm, sandwiches. Jamaican me hungry. :-D

    Cute blog SITSta!

  2. Okay riddle me this...why oh why have I not heard of your super cool and refreshingly sandwichtastic blog before??? IT.IS.AWESOME. So awesome in fact that I must follow. And you should know that I do not take following lightly. I only follow those whom I feel deep love and affection for....kinda like how I feel about a Turkey Melt or Rye or classic PB&J on white.


    P.S. Thanks for stopping by for my SITS day I truly appreciate it!

  3. Answer to trivia quiz re: Five Easy Pieces
    "I want you to hold it between your knees."

  4. Split Rock Ranch, I'm trying to get to your blog site, but every time I hit your favicon, or any icon in Friend Connect, I lose my connection. I'll keep trying to find you via Google Blogger, hope you come back and see this. Thanks for answering the trivia question! Congrats, You are CORRECT! Keri

  5. Hi Sam,

    YES - it was me that answered the trivia questions! You gotta love Jack Nicholson, huh?

    Thank you for visiting my blog this morning. Do you need an email for me?


    Have a great day!
    Split Rock Ranch

  6. Ha - sorry, I meant Hi Keri! Where's my coffee??!!

  7. very interesting about the dance! I love a good sandwich made with quality ingredients... but it seems they always taste better when made by someone ELSE! what's up with that? Love your blog! thanks for stopping by mine for my SITS day... I also love free rice and we play it whenever we can!

  8. Can I change my mind and get the crocheted sandwich instead of the Toastabags? I can always buy Toastabags but that crocheted masterpiece sandwich ROCKS! I'll blog and post photos, give links, etc. Thanks!! Brenda


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