Brik a L'oeuf de Tunisia!

Brik a L'oeuf or "Brik" is a typical Tunisian entry. It is a kind of fritter made with a very particular puff pastry "the malsouka" pastry sheets, stuffed with all kinds of ingredients, including a raw egg and fried with olive oil. Okay, so if you're on a diet or have high cholesterol, this may not be the exact way to go, but let us induldge none the less, shall we? Check it out! Me? I have a weakness for anything with an egg yoke in it, hence my Breakfast Sandwich to end all Breakfast Sandwiches a few posts back.

Not long ago I scrambled some egg whites for breakfast. I put the yokes aside unbroken, unlike my heart at the time which broke indeed as I fed them to the dogs. But not before I cooked them to dark, golden yellow perfection. I could have cried. Here is how to make a Brik a L'oeuf de Tunisia:
Sheets of brik (substitute phyllo dough or Chinese spring roll skins)
Oil for cooking
Canned tuna, packed in water
Parsley finely chopped, flat leaf only
Shallots or finely chopped onion
Fresh eggs
You can use cooked potato, or any other ingredient and spice or herb of your liking.
Place the sheets of brik into a shallow bowl, and then put some small amounts of tuna, minced shallot, minced parsley, capers and a whole raw egg in the middle. Fold over or bunch at the dough at the top enclosing ingredients. Move the whole thing to the frying pan on medium high and baste until brown. You should cook it quickly with the freshest of eggs so that the yoke does not break while cooking. Enjoy


  1. This looks delicious!

    Thank you for visiting me on my SITS day!

  2. Never had one, never heard of one...looks fantastic!

  3. This looks so yummy :-) I like the idea of a different looking and tasting 'sandwich'.

    Thanks for enjoying my Aussie tea party. Glad you liked the sausage sandwich! Its so very easy to make - 1 piece of white bread, 1 semi-burnt sausage (thin or thick), some bbq onion and tomato sauce.
    Perfect for any occasion :-)

  4. my mother-in-law makes brik-not like this-she uses the yoke only and just potatoe
    she lives in and is tunisian


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