A Mini Masterpiece Every Day!

Darren Maurer is a young American artist and illustrator out of Sioux City Iowa whose prolific collection of art work can be seen on his website , and quite a few of his original works are currently being auctioned on E-Bay.

Darren's mid western roots are written all over his work in the realm of Mother Nature, but what I find most captivating about him is his take on still life. Everything from a pair green olives (dear to my heart), to the last few Fruit Loops left floating at the bottom of a cereal bowl, or a single peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The plain, mundane and ordinary, made extraordinary, even moving. It's poetic!
PB&J & Sandwich Baggie Dill Pickle Spear ~ Oil on canvas ~ Available on EBayGreen Olives Red Pimentos ~ Original ~ Oil on canvas ~ Available on EBayBut here's the unimaginable thing about Darren. He has a blog by the name of Miniature Masterpieces where he produces an original oil painting EVERY DAY! He calls it "A Painting a Day Project". This boggles my mind, while I'm sure you'll agree that creating a sandwich masterpiece every day is inspiring, let's be honest, it's not even in the same ball park with this guy. Sigh! What a gift!


  1. I can't even do one of my dorky cartoon drawings every day. Pretty amazing that he can do a new painting each day.

    Thanks for being first to add your blog to A Comment a Day. It was an impulse thing but maybe it will work out.

  2. I am going to check out his blog. I really like those painting. I love pickles...and they go so well with sandwiches!


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