Spy Sandwich!

Jeff Badger, Surveillance Sandwich (Ham and Cheese), 2006
mixed media, electronics, monitor, 9" X 12" X 10"

The sandwich is fitted with a camera in the olive. A motion sensor
triggers the camera to pan back and forth and flash the red LED
light. The image feeds to a nearby security monitor.
Click here to read the letter sent to the Dept. of Homeland Security
offering Surveillance Sandwich technology to the US military.
Yes, I'm serious. Oh ye of little faith who doubted the importance of the lowly sandwich. Not just a hand-held luncheon item any more eh? Thank you Jeff Badger.


  1. I'm tellin ya, everyone loves a sandwich... they even go so far as to make one into a spy camera! hehehe

  2. But can you eat the sandwich??

  3. Not only would the Homeland Security Department benefit from this surveillance sandwich....but sandwich shops around the globe....to keep say, I don't know....The Hamburglar away!

  4. Genius! I must have this......I love Sam! Thanks for coming by! I will be back, too!

  5. Y'know, after my visit to the Spy Museum in DC, this doesn't sound so crazy. But I'm with Quasi Serendipita. Can you eat it? I'm enjoying the blog! Thanks for stopping by mine.


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