Ms. Fran Court, Artist!

Meet Ms. Fran Court of Bristol, United Kingdom. Fran is a studying illustration at UWE in Bristol and has come up with a clever rendition of the sandwich, not on paper, but OF paper. Be disarmed, not alarmed when you see her Blogger profile photo. For not only is Fran a whiz at paper design and illustration, she has a well developed sense of humor too. At least I think the full grown mustache is meant to be a joke. Jeez, I hope so. Then there's Ms. Courts sandwich packaging design for "Seriously Symmetrically Scrumptious Sandwiches". I'm only scratching the surface here. You'll see what I mean when you cruise her blog site lefranart.blogspot.com . Take a few minutes and thumb through her original artwork, popup books, photographs, sketches, digital painting, stories, scribbles and doodles. Brilliant !Fran is only 20 years old and I would venture to say well on her way to success as an artistic force having already been commissioned to paint for money. Hope you'll have as much fun as I did when visiting her blog site. Thank you Fran, more later, no doubt!


  1. Wow - what incredible talent!!! I'm impressed :-)

  2. heya, thanks for posting this :)
    but the link to my blog is spelt wrong
    its www.lefranart.blogspot.com

  3. Yes Fran, I had two emails from people who tried to visit your blog but could not. They've been notified and will hopefully try again. Sorry for the error. I owe you a sandwich! Keri

  4. HTB, don't be jealous! Be Happy! It's just a number!

  5. I am now enamored with these fancy sandwich containers. I want them to be purchasable!


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