A Chilly Review

With all the possibilities, choices and variety that define the sandwich, I find little reason to EVER indulge in one that has been frozen. So why you may ask am I about to review Jimmy Deans Frozen Turkey Sausage Reduced Fat Croissant Breakfast Sandwich? Jimmy certainly didn't ask me to do so, nor did the company that distributes them. Here's the reason: Over the Christmas holiday, one of my beloved house guests purchased the above box of sandwiches and left it here. When I saw them tucked into the side pocket of the freezer door I was a little insulted. After all, this person knew very well that his hostess for the week was a real life Sandwich Guru. He himself is an S365er/follower of this blog. So what was he thinking? More importantly, why didn't he take them with him when he left?
Since I know and respect this person very much, I decided not to hold it against him (too cold) or even mention the fopaux. Rather, I would explore the possibility that he could be on to something and try the sandwich myself. After all, one redeeming quality stated on the outside of the box is the reduced calorie "real" egg white and cheese. Mind you the egg white is "real", I would venture the cheese is not.
Each sandwich is wrapped individually in a pod-like plastic cocoon. The cooking instructions are based on microwave heating exclusively. No conventional oven instructions available. However, they do not have to be completely frozen. You can defrost the sandwich first, then heat it in the microwave. I did both. I left the first sandwich frozen, carefully followed the heating instructions and took a bite. :( As you may have guessed, the croissont was less than crispy and buttery. However, since the calories are reduced, decided to over look it. I found the sausage and the cheese to be very salty, so removed them from the sandwich as best I could and finished half of it.
I heated the next sandwich when it was completely defrosted but found little difference. Having learned my lession on the first go-round, I removed the cheese before it had melted, and when the sandwich was heated, cooled and ready to eat, took another bite. Still compelled to remove the salty calorie reduced sausage meat, I did so, adding a tab of Smart Balance butter to the bread, and wound up eating an egg white sandwich. Bottom line, the next time I'm in a pinch for a breakfast sandwich, I'd opt for a Sausage Mcmuffin with egg from the nearest McDonalds. Sorry Jimmy!


  1. I am not sure how much baking you do, but I just had tried a yeast roll recipe for sliders, and I added citrus zest and juice from clementines, used a Mojo recipes for the buffalo sliders and it was fantastic.

    I also was telling a few friends about your site! I love the information!

  2. Hey Sam! Fun site! I love all the movie references in your sidebars. Thanks for visiting Delicious as Pie. Hope to see you back again soon!

  3. Im with you on that one! I mean, if you are gonna have a croissant sandwich that croissant gotta be perfection.. never mind the innards!

    i dont like the frozen sammies much either.. Might as well go to dunkin' donuts for a toasty version

  4. I am not into frozen.

    Give me fresh, fresh, fresh. I love sandwiches.

  5. Hi Sam, You have a fun blog. I do enjoy sandwiches. I appreciate your review on this product. The package and words on this would of wanted me to try it. I do like frozen and fresh sandwich meals and recipes.

    Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I appreciated your comments. I recommend your blog on entrecard.com. This is a free service. I hope you check it out. Take good care! :-)

  6. Mmmm - think I'll stick with freshly made anything over a frozen item in a box!!

  7. I DO not like this sandwich at all. My hubs buys it to "save time". I would rather starve.

    And being that I am in the confessing mood...I have a super power - I can detect anything that passes across my tastebuds that has been frozen.

    Tell no one.


  8. Sam...come now....I can't believe you even tried it. Or am I? You're such a sandwich whore! LOL And I love you for it!

  9. I stopped by! That sandwich looks foul! And I can't believe your guest had THAT in your house!!

  10. Blech, that looks foul. I think it's pretty nice of you to even bother with it, but to do it twice? More than fair.

    P.S. Did Ally Sheedy's character toss the bologna off her sandwich in The Breakfast Club?

  11. Curse you Jimmy Dean!!!! lol


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