Pop Up Lunch Box!

To my mind, Alexandra Pulver of New York City is a true genius. I asked her recently for permission to feature this item on S365, but to date have not received an answer. I'm sticking my neck out today and taking the chance that Alexandra will hold me harmless as I present her beautiful design to my little world of sandwich lovers. She's a Blogger too, whose blog is published at popuplunch.blogspot.com. I reasoned that since the Pop Up Lunch Box prototype is proudly displayed on her blog, Alexandra would not have a problem with a little more exposure by way of Sandwich 365. Cross your fingers with hope I am correct.She explains that she was inspired to develop the box after watching New Yorkers hunched over on public benches with no flat surface on which to comfortably spread their food. Brilliant! The Pop Up Lunch Box is not Alexandra's only claim to fame, she features many other novel ideas for public lunching on her blog site. I would highly recommend a visit. Quoting her here:

I am exploring how nontraditional public spaces - like sidewalks - might be easily transformed into lively places to lunch. This blog follows a series of Pop Up Lunches I have staged (some big, some small) and my development of mobile eating tools designed for the sidewalks of NYC. Ultimately, I hope that my efforts might inspire even a handful of my fellow urbanites to reconsider the potential for lunch - to be a joyful daily event - and for the sidewalks of NYC to serve as more than just pathways.
Naturally, Ms. Pulver is now a permanent fixture of my list of SHEros. What I wouldn't give to sit, stand, slump or hunch over lunch with her one of these days. I know you will agree.


  1. Isn't it amazing at how brilliant people are? 141????

  2. What a great idea and they are so cute too!

    I'm sure she won't mind the extra kudos :)

  3. This is pure genius! I love it!

  4. I want that. Seriously. She can't be mad at you because now I want to purchase one, name it and take it with me everywhere.

    You have done a good thing.

  5. I used to live in New York and it is difficult to balance your lunch on your lap. This is BRILLIANT! I can't imagine that she would mind you sharing it with us. (You certainly directed us back to her.)

    I wish I could think of things like that.

  6. That is too cute!

    I was thinking about your blog the other day when I remembered some of my childhood favorite sandwiches.

    Peanut butter and ham.
    Bologna and smashed chips on top
    Warmed peanut butter and jelly

  7. Brrrrilliant!!

    Hey Sam, could you please show this link to Madame Kerri!??
    Mercy Bowcups, I'm sure!


  8. I love this! I could see a version made for kids too.

  9. Now this is just the coolest thing! I want one!!


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