Is this starting to look familiar to you? Does it look as if I'm posting the same sandwich creation over and again? I understand. But wait! Before you accuse me of being a "re-poster".... take a closer look and you'll see that although the cooking methodology looks familiar, the sandwich ingredients are vastly different with each post resembling this one. This is due to the fact that we make these little guys quite a bit. It started last July when a new Panini maker entered the S365 kitchen. Our Panini were so delicious and varied, they quickly became a weekly staple for us. As the months passed, we grew tired of dragging out the Panini grill and getting stuck with the tedious job of cleaning it later. One day it occurred to me that the same grilling technique I use for fish would work as easily for a Panini sandwich. I was SO RIGHT!
Here's what we do:
For one or two sandwich halves:
Take a piece of aluminum foil and lay it on the counter top in the shape of a shallow baking sheet and turn on the broiler.
For more than two sandwich halves:
Place the foil on a baking sheet, and turn on the broiler.
Lay out Chiabata bread (or your choice of bread) slices atop the foil and place under the broiler for about 45 to 50 seconds on each side until lightly toasted. Remove the baking sheet with bread and place on the counter top. Begin to build your sandwiches.
For this recipe use:
Low-fat Mayo and/or any condiment or spread you like
Sliced chicken breasts previously sauteed and stored in the fridge
Roasted red bell peppers or sliced tomato
Thinly sliced cheese of your liking (we used Swiss)
Top with fresh basil or any other fresh herb that you like
Place the dressed bread slices under the broiler until the cheese has melted and serve with a small salad or some other veggie type side dish. Great for Lunch, Brunch, Dinner or Breakfast!
Best of all, when your done, crumble the cooled foil and put it in the trash. No dishes or clean up!


  1. Hello my friend! Its a long time since I've been here! Lots of delicious looking goodies :-) I'm definately hungry now!!
    Happy weekend

  2. we use our George Forman Grill and it works fine. We hate having to clean up to much and keeps the oven from heating up the kitchen.

  3. Life is good. Thanks for making something out of nothing.


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