Never ask someone who works in the FBI fingerprint lab to make you a sandwich!!!!


  1. I love that.

  2. Thanks Karen, it makes me chuckle too. Much more later, Keri a.k.a. Sam

  3. Hi Keri
    Not sure about the little lines on the tomatoes. We do have cracks in them because of the water they absorb at a time and a few have split open. We have had some brief heavy down pours which we are not complaining about as it has helped cool things off. Now the one called Black and red boar are red and green striped. We like that they are not perfect like in the grocery store these have character.

    This is what I posted back on my blog to your question sorry you missed it. It was addressed to Sam

  4. This is HILARIOUS!! My hubby has been to the National Forensic Academy and dealt with a bunch of finger prints...but none like this!!


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