These may look like innocent little green peppers (Jalapeno), tucked cozily into a stylish frying pan, ready for a medium-high, 10 to 15 minute, covered saute.
Without regard to aesthetic or staging, the process is simple enough. Just coat the bottom of your empty pan with 2 to 3 tbs olive oil. Gently sprinkle a little granulated garlic and seasoning salt over that, and bring the heat up a bit. Layer your peppers onto the oil, cover and wait out the 10 to 15. Turn them over for the same treatment on the other side. Once browned to perfection (above) take them out and let them sit on a paper towel until cool.

Meanwhile, it is highly recommended that you do not touch your eyeball or any other sensitive area until your hands have been carefully washed of the peppers essence. Not doing so can really smart!
Place them in a container and refrigerate. Then, the next time you make a sandwich spread or feel the need to add a little fire and zip to almost any other dish, chop one or two of them up and try to contain yourself on tasting.

Example: Loosely chop 2 or 3 roasted peppers and whip into a cup or so of Mayo. Spread evenly over bread for sandwich making OR add loosely chopped chilled shrimp to the mix for a Mayopeno Shrimp experience that will knock your socks off.


  1. Sam, you're getting HOT here! haha.... I love it! Hope you're having a great day.
    Blessings, kristy

  2. I love jalapenos and will sometimes put a whole one into a rice pilaf and let it cook along with the rice and then take it out, mash it and mix it will the rice.
    I love this idea and I will use it.

  3. im new to spiciness so im kind of afraid to try it i ate a popper once almost burnt my mouth off lol


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