Very few people are on the fence when it comes to indulging in Sushi. Those who do Sushi love it. Those who do not, won't go anywhere near it, and you can count on getting a curled upper lip in response to suggesting they try it.

I do do Sushi, and as often as possible, so when I saw these Sushi inspired sandwiches from Impress Your Kids.org, I couldn't resist.

Similar sandwich recipes are easily found on the Internet, mostly geared to children's meals for use in lunch boxes inspired by the Japanese bento box.
No question that Sushi is an acquired taste for the American palate, but the fact that some semblance of a sushi bar can be found in almost any town across the country tells me that plenty of people come down on the DO side. Novices associate Sushi with raw fish (Sashimi) and seaweed (Nori), a big turn-off for most. However, not all Sushi consists of raw fish or seaweed. On the contrary, sashimi and nori are just a small part of a typical Sushi menu.

Take the plate of "Inari" pictured above, a simple offering in most Sushi establishments with flavors that are distinctly Sushi-esqe without the use of raw fish or seaweed. I think anyone interested in acquiring a taste for Sushi could "ease into" it if they started with a dish like Inari.

Inari is simply small pouches of fried Tofu, filled with flavored sushi rice, served with pickled ginger, wasabi mustard and soy sauce. About 100 calories per pouch, and they're "Oishii", delicious!


  1. I'm on the "nope" side of sushi -- don't like the nori, the white rice, the raw fish (taste or texture) ... none of it floats my boat. Don't do tofu, either, though I do sincerely appreciate your effort to initiate me! The sandwiches are adorable, though -- I may very well have to try those myself ... :)

  2. I love sushi! I didn't like nori as well in the beginning, but I got used to it after some time, and by the way, (@ Yenta Mary) - sushi doesn't always mean raw fish, to be honest I rarely eat sushi with fish, but schnitzel, teriyaki or tempura.

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I adore all your movie sandwich references--do you have "Dave"??


  4. This looks wonderful. I love my fish cooked though.

  5. It was really all I could do not to lick my computer screen when I read this.

    I love sushi, I love seaweed, I love sashimi and I love the Japanese people for providing me with it.

  6. Your sushi sandwich looks awesome! I wish I could have a few.... truly mouthwatering!
    Cheers, kristy


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