A little bit of pesto goes a long way, and when you pair it with a richly satisfying brie cheese the outcome is a step in the direction of down and dirty decadence. What better way to get a jump start on April, otherwise known as National Grilled Cheese Month? :)

The ingredients are simple enough but a Brie Pesto Sandwich requires good timing, so don't try to make it unless you're on your toes and ready to pay close attention to detail. Don't laugh, I take these matters very seriously!

2 cups fresh basil or fresh arugula
4 tblspoons olive oil (leave room adjustment here)
2 medium size garlic cloves,
1 handful of pine nuts (or pecans)
2 Tablespoons cilantro (optional)
1 small wheel of brie cheese
2 tbls butter
Salt and Pepper to taste
Your choice of good grilling bread
Mix basil, garlic, pine nuts and cilantro together in a food processor, add olive oil. Butter your bread on all sides, including the outside of the bread. Spread pesto atop buttered bread, cut brie cheese into smallish strips and lay them atop the buttered and pesto(ed) bread. Grill until the cheese has melted. Fabulous!


  1. I love Pesto and I love Brie! Great idea. Another simple recipe. Nice alternative to a good old basic grilled cheese! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  2. oooh goodness me. I need to make this! Thanks for sharing. Pesto was a large part of my life growing up, so this brings back great memories of our Italian kitchen! :)

  3. David, you're so right about that. But then, you're so right about almost everything food. Thanks for stopping in. Glad you like this one. K

    Undercover caterer, I'm coming your way. Must see what that photo is saying eat me. I'm curious you're always full of surprises. k

    Miss Amy, nothings better than an Italian Kitchen. I'm coming to yours right now. Thank you for commenting. K



    Thank God I read this. I hate to think I would've gone the entire month without celebrating the grilled cheese in every single way I know how.

    And a brie pesto sandwich? I'm so pissed I already ate dinner. Now I have to wait!


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