Beware the Fake Sandwich Guru!

California sandwich chain Togo’s Eateries is launching a new promotion entitled "Togo's Pastrami Sandwich vs. the Breadwich". The campaign includes something a little different, a Guarantee! Any guest who doesn't like Togo's Hot Pastrami Sandwich better than the other guys' can get their money back. I wonder if the guarantee stands if you completely finish their sandwich. Togo's chairman and CEO says: "At Togo’s we know our quality is superior to those 'breadwiches' the other guys serve and we are not afraid to put our money where your mouth is." Pretty strong.

But get this, in addition to the introduction of the Pastrami Guarantee the campaign is featuring, of all things a sandwich guru (click here to see him) WELL!!! .............. Exactly WHO is this so-called "sandwich guru" anyway, and what makes him qualified? Hmmprumph! @#$%^&*

The campaign ends in late October which has me wondering if the Pastrami Guarantee ends with it... and what will become of this so-called sandwich guru? Will we be seeing him on the unemployment line come November? How many sandwich guru's does the world need? Is one sandwich guru better than an other? How can you tell if a sandwich guru is even REAL or fake? Does this guy have credentials or is he a guru because his face is flashing across Togo's website? I'm afraid the subject begs more questions than it has answers, and I have every intention of finding them all.

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  1. Harrumph, indeed! Don't worry my dear, we know you are Le vrai Gourou!


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